A tribute to chasm…for Omar (Critical Thinking)

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“His way paved, boots too smooth, no friction in his steps; he slipped, stumbled, fell – did not get there” - The Jogging Pen

Chasm: That gaping hole and gulf between, and reason to strive; that great motivator to close up divisions, and erase fault lines between where we are, and wants to be; between real and dream. Without chasm; friction to agitate and energize our inside battery – energy force that lights up solution to right and wrong, left and right, good and evil, you and me, his and hers, wives and husbands…naming only a few, our worth would fade away.  

But chasm is elastic; stretching from narrow to wide, up and down – everywhere. Narrow chasm yields quicker solution than wide ones – like using a boat to cross a river. Having to without a boat, and cannot swim is a wide chasm; so you learn, then swim to the other side and celebrate – a chasm trampled. Same as going back to school and sail through those final credits – build a graduation bridge to your future. Am I correct; Steve, John, Omar, Peter, Mike, and Tim…?

Chasm is shapeless, undefined and each unique, with no standard solution. Invisible chasm is dangerous; unseen force – wall of fear many uses religion to dissolve.  But religion creates deadly chasm of disunity in which many perish. Lawyers – a unique bunch, trained to dig chasm – same as religion, which flourishes inside divisions and riffs.

 But without chasm we are weak; solving personal and communal chasm builds muscle – strengthens. Fixing and adjusting defines intellectual and social development; the mind expands one defeated chasm at a time, and once stretched never returns to its original size. The riches of our intellectual reservoirs are as the difficulty of chasm solved.   

Ship conquered the sea’s chasm, allowing travel between continents within days. But continuing fight against chasm, using airplane, reduced the same journey to hours. When a plane crashes, new chasm is created; defeating chasm never ceases. 

Chasm should be fixed peacefully, but some solutions are responsible for many good people’s deaths: Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, for example; lives erased because they laid planks over chasm – bridging gaps between really confused people. Using war to bridge chasm is wholesale destruction. 

The Panama Canal, squeezing the Pacific and Atlantic oceans together is a giant leap. Closing the gap between moon and earth is another. But Von Braun’s early Rocketeering at the RaketenFlugplatz (Port of Rocket)  (1931), and later his Peenemunde project – raining down (V1 and V2) guided-bombs; The Third Reich’s secret weapon to shock-win World War II, was the first big step off planet earth towards outer-space. And Sputnik’s circling and beeping the globe (1957), was the political muscle, scientific and engineering hustle that landed Apollo 11 on the moon (1969). Either way, Mount Everest size chasm was beaten flat.  Many lives have been lost defeating chasm, but knowledge increases just the same.

In some community, chasm is a burden; long mountain range of grim skyline of despair – visible everywhere under dark cloud of famine, diseases and ethnic cleansing…naming only few. You hear it on the radio, see it on television; chasm left alone, festers and grow into malignant champion – fists raised in the air; delivering blows – suffering, sickness and death.

The surest way to defeat chasm – individually and community is  education; that basic right and tool, not to passed exams, but air -puffs of energy to pull stubborn people and ideas together; prying guns from boys in the streets, leaving books instead. But getting a good education for the right reason is also a chasm. Here is one reason still true in this digital-graphical age: 

 EDUCATION:“To afford all members of the human race the means of providing for their needs, of securing their welfare, of recognizing and fulfilling their duties; to assure for everyone opportunities of perfecting their skills and rendering themselves capable of the social duties to which they have a right to be called; to develop to the utmost the talents with which nature has endowed them and, in so doing, to establish among all citizens a true equality and thus make real the political equality realized by law – this should be the primary aim of a national system of education, and from this point of view its establishment is for the public authority an obligation of justice”

Marie – Jean Antoine Nicholas (1791)

 Solving chasm is great reason for getting an education. Those relaxing under trees, hats covering  their faces, listening to singing birds – playing video games, ignoring all; will not hear nature’s educated creatures scurrying to safety from oncoming hurricane – will be left without shelter in life’s storm. Embrace chasm to transform into your greater self. 

 From our dialogue in Cuba: Calculus has real life use; in your case, a sharpening tool for your ideas. Philosophers need mathematics (logic) to induced/deduced arguments. Go sharpen up yourself!

 Peace! And back to school…September, 2010

 Wright © Copyright Teaching Aid.

Written By: jeffery.wright@live.ca

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