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Welcome to The Jogging Pen Creative Learning Concept

Creating a different way

The minds of our youths are virtually inserted into the circuitry of hand held electronic devices. They are experiencing  graphic images inside digital gadgets – video games, computers and cellular phones to name a few. As community leaders, we must find ways to connect our youth’s imagination to reading and writing  the same way digital entertainment designers attract them to digital gadgets.

The Jogging Pen Creative Learning Concept let the student’s mind roam without barriers, allowing free thinking – keeping it occupied with rich scenes and events. The student mind return with word-paint – writing every graphic details of the experience.

There is a natural connection between reading, writing and jogging – one word in front of the other, like jogging one foot in front of the other. Writers use words as cement to build stories and events while jogging spreads them using books and newspapers.

A community is only as strong as the type of word-cement on which its foundation is built.

 Here is the course information:

Courses are scheduled in Durham Region at 465 Kingston Rd, New Apostolic Church in Pickering Village.

For detail please E-mail: 

Duration: 1hour – 30mins

Audience: All students with a desire to learn and have fun

Requirements: Bring your creative force and enthusiasm

Objective: Put fun and adventure into learning using creativity

Click on this link for a detailed course description


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